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A merrier Christmas: useful apps for charity that won't cost you a cent

Making a charitable donation can be quite a hassle and many people don't have the time or resources. Now, several apps allow users to donate money without wasting a penny - by simply performing their everyday activities.

For many people, donating to charities is part of the holiday season just like their favorite Christmas sweater. But often finding the right charity can be a tiring task, or a heavy expense, and many find themselves neglecting the idea.

Now, numerous apps out there try to help you make the impact you want. The decision to make a charitable donation requires careful consideration, and donors are increasingly turning to mobile devices to give away their money.

Overall, donating in the US has increased by seven percent since 2013, reaching a record level of more than $358 billion in 2015. Mobile donating apps are driving this growth.

This holiday season, some 20 percent of donations through payment service PayPal are expected to be made on mobile devices, compared to only 13 percent in 2013.

There are many innovative ways in which you can donate without even spending money, for example walking your dog, sharing food photos or going on a run around the neighborhood park. Here is our holiday selection of apps that are nifty, useful, and fun, but also charitable.

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