A LANGUAGE HOLIDAY ADVENTURE | Global 3000 - The Globalization Program | DW | 23.07.2008
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Global 3000


Two young girls from a school in Indonesia won a grant to do language studies in Germany. GLOBAL 3000 joined them.


Communication has fast become a byword in a globalised world - but what's the language? English leads the way when it comes to the number of native speakers and the sheer range of people with second-language English skills. Other languages could fall by the wayside. That's why Germany's federal government wants to launch a campaign to globalise German, offering to fund learning aids, grants and advance studies in numerous countries. In Indonesia, Defi and Yolanda were awarded such a language grant to study in Germany, and GLOBAL 3000 - for a three-part series - was there with cameras to watch them prepare for their adventure.

Part 1

07.07.2008 dw-tv global 3000 fragebogen indonesien

It's the last day at school for Defi and Yolanda before their big journey. 16-year-old Defi has never been abroad and only knows the confines of her private school, so she is excited about going to Germany.

Part 2

21.07.2008 dw-tv global 3000 indonesien teil 2

After getting everything packed, the next stop for Defi and Yolanda is the Goethe Institute in Jakarta to sort out remaining details. Then, after a long-haul flight from Indonesia to Europe, their German adventure can begin.

Part 3

28.07.2008 DW-TV GLOBAL 3000 INDONESIEN 3

Together with 50 international students Defi and Yolanda arrive at the language school in Vallendar. For three weeks, they spend their days and evenings together, learning German and discovering Germany.

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