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A German rocker on a special train: Udo Lindenberg turns 70

Almost 50 years on stage: Udo Lindenberg looks back at successful decades, and a few less successful years. Born on May 17, 1946, the German rock legend celebrates his 70th birthday with a new number one album.

Udo Lindenberg hails from Gronau, a small town in western Germany close to the Dutch border. The town is so proud of its famous son that not only did they name a square after the rock idol - they even erected a bigger than life-size bronze statue of the rock singer. People in Gronau know he's special, and so do the countless fans who've loved his music for decades.

One year ago, on occasion of his 69th birthday, Udo unveiled the statue. He called it "Gronau's statue of liberty" - and played an impromptu concert to 2,500 fans.

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