86-Year-Old Arrested over Nazi Massacres | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 19.01.2004
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86-Year-Old Arrested over Nazi Massacres

A Slovak-German man has been arrested in his Munich home for the killing of 164 civilians in Slovakia during World War II. German prosecutors have accused Ladislav N. of involvement in killing 51 children and 95 adults in Ostry Grun and Klak in January 1945 and ordering 18 Jewish civilians, including six children, in Ksina to be shot in February of that year. The authorities said he commanded a special unit that was supposed to combat resistance fighters in Nazi-era Slovakia. Prosecutors in Munich have been investigating Ladislav N. since the Slovak Justice Ministry approached them with the man's case in 2001. They said he had already been convicted of the Ostry Grun and Klak murders and sentenced to death in absentia by a Czechoslovak court in 1962. The 86-year-old received German citizenship in 1996.