60 German Years | Documentaries | DW | 02.03.2009
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60 German Years

A historical panorama of images, events and reminiscences from East and West Germany's post-war years.


60 German Years

23.02.2009 DW-TV IM FOCUS Mauer

Construction of the Berlin Wall, 1961

60 years have passed since the founding of the East and West German republics - 60 years of reconstruction, Economic Miracle, Cold War and the Berlin Wall, the arms race and detente, the Fall of the Wall and re-unification - 60 years of changes, crises and new beginnings against the backdrop of people's daily lives in East and West.

23.02.2009 DW-TV IM FOCUS Kniefall Willy Brandt

Willy Brandt kneeling before the monument for the Warsaw Ghetto, 1970

60 German Years takes a unique approach to documenting this period of German history. Each episode covers one year. The development and key events from 1949 to the present are richly illustrated with archive footage. The project's journalists and their researching staff spent two years sifting through all the public broadcasting network's largest archives and film stocks for film and television documentary material.

23.02.2009 DW-TV IM FOCUS Fußballweltmeister

Germany wins the 1990 Football World Cup

The issues and news events of each year are complemented and rounded out by the reminiscences of the people - from both East and West Germany - who lived through them. Their sometimes differing perspectives on the same events result in a kind of parallel montage of the pathways and progress of life in East and West. 60 German Years becomes an exciting journey through the past six decades of German history.