6. What qualifications do DW-AKADEMIE′s trainers have? | Frequently Asked Questions | DW | 11.07.2008
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6. What qualifications do DW-AKADEMIE's trainers have?

DW-AKADEMIE's trainers are experienced media professionals. They have years of practical and international experience.

Many of them previously worked in other departments of Deutsche Welle or with other national or international media. DW-AKADEMIE's trainers are carefully selected and receive further schooling in specialized courses for trainers.

One of the hallmarks of DW-AKADEMIE's trainers is their international experience and intercultural background. As Germany's overseas broadcaster, with programs in more than 30 languages, Deutsche Welle has employees from more than 60 nations. Whether Jordan or South Africa, Brazil or Russia -- experts on the most diverse regions and subjects are all to be found in the immediate vicinity of DW-AKADEMIE.

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