3. Who are DW-AKADEMIE′s services aimed at? | Frequently Asked Questions | DW | 11.07.2008
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3. Who are DW-AKADEMIE's services aimed at?

DW-AKADEMIE's services are tailor-made for different target groups.

Media Development

Media development includes training courses for journalists, technicians and managers of broadcasters, as well as long-term consulting and coaching projects. These services are aimed exclusively at DW-AKADEMIE's partner broadcasters in developing and transition countries. Individuals may not apply. Details are found in the section Media Development.

Media Training Courses

DW-AKADEMIE's media training courses are aimed at those who wish to professionalize their use of the media -- at specialist employees and management from the worlds of business, politics, science and associations in Germany. DW-AKADEMIE offers customized training programs -- for groups or for individuals. Details are found in the section Media Training Courses.

Traineeships and Internships

Young journalists who meet certain criteria can apply for our traineeships and internships. Details of these programs and information on application procedures and deadlines are found in the sections Traineeship and Internship.

International Media Studies

The Master's Program combines the disciplines of media and development, journalism, communication science and media management.

The program addresses journalists-in-training, media representatives from radio, TV, online and print and communication experts who meet certain criteria.

Details of the program and information on application procedures and deadlines are found in the section Prospective Students.

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