2. Since when has DW-AKADEMIE existed? | Frequently Asked Questions | DW | 10.07.2008
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2. Since when has DW-AKADEMIE existed?

In 2004, all areas of the Deutsche Welle which were involved in training and further education were brought together under a single roof, that of DW-AKADEMIE.

Deutsche Welle has been providing training courses for broadcasting staff from developing and transition countries since 1965 – at what was then called the DW Training Center for Radio and Television (DWFZ).

In the beginning, DW Training Center's media promotion work concentrated mainly on radio. It later expanded its spectrum with training and consulting projects for journalists, managers and technicians in radio, television and online media around the world.

Since then, more than 20,000 journalists, technicians and managers have taken part in DW-AKADEMIE's training and consulting projects.

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