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14 things successful Berliners do before breakfast

If you haven't done anything by the time you eat breakfast, apparently you're a loser, we've learned this week. DW's Rolf Rische explains what successful Berliners do before they indulge in the first meal.

When Laura Vanderkam wrote "What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast," and Jenna Goudreau discussed it for the "Business Insider" and World Economic Forum this week, they probably were not thinking in particular about the German capital. DW's Rolf Rische has taken care of that.

Here are the 14 things that successful Berliners do before getting up in the morning:

1. They sleep in.

2. They drink the last sip of beer in the bottle from last night.

3. They ask the other person in their bed what their name is.

4. They check the status of their current crowdfunding project (an experimental documentary film on Berlin).

5. They spend quality time with their cat.

6. They film a short cat video with their mobile phone and post it online.

7. They try to convince the other person in their bed (what was the name again?) to go to the organic bakery around the corner.

8. After a constructive discussion with the other person in their bed, they send the Airbnb guest, who spent the night in the kitchen, to the organic bakery around the corner.

9. They harvest whatever has been growing on the balcony.

10. They smoke.

11. They come up with a new crowdfunding project (bike frames made of compressed coffee grounds).

12. They write a to-do list for 2016 through 2018.

13. They stream a whole series of "Breaking Bad" (season four).

14. They eat the organic rolls the Airbnb guest brought back for breakfast.

Just to compare, here's what other successful people in the world do in the morning.

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