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11 German football terms you should know for Euro 2016

Learn to speak like a Weltmeister! With the Euro 2016 running from June 10-July 10, it's time to polish our football vocabulary. Here are 11 soccer words to help you follow along with the European Championship in German.

Millions of soccer fans (and part-time fans) all over the world will be tuning in to the European Championship in France this summer. Germany won the World Cup two years ago in Brazil, but can it manage to take home the European title this year?

Let's face it: We all like to second-guess the ref sometimes, right? So why not do it in the language of the reigning "Weltmeister." With terms like "Schwalbe" and "Finte," you're bound to impress your friends - especially if they're German.

Here is a glossary of the German football terms you need to know before Euro 2016 kicks off on June 10.

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