Oxfam Germany: ″We demand ban on trade subsidies″ | Presse | DW | 05.09.2003
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Oxfam Germany: "We demand ban on trade subsidies"

Spokeswoman Sigrid Thompson in an Interview with DW-RADIO

As the World Trade Organisation (WTO) prepares to meet in Mexico next week, leading NGOs are demanding fairer rules on trade for developing countries. In an interview with DW-RADIO/English Service the spokeswoman for Oxfam Germany (Berlin), Sigrid Thompson, called on the WTO "to agree to a ban on all indirect and direct agricultural support and subsidies". Subsidies paid out by the richer countries were distorting competition and making life difficult for poorer nations.

Thompson called on the organisation to "phase out subsidies that were generating surpluses on cotton and dairy products". In her opinion agriculture is of great significance to the developing countries and more often than not their sole source of income.

"Oxfam is concerned that developing countries will have great difficulties dealing with exemptions granted to richer countries", Thompson told DW-RADIO. She warned that developing countries "didn’t have the rights or possibilities to protect their production environment".

5 September 2003

This press release and more: www.dw-world.de/presse