Living Planet | Podcasting | DW | 12.12.2005
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Living Planet

The English Service of DW-RADIO has adopted the title 'Living Planet', which is a title of the global conservation organisation WWF.


Deutsche Welle and the WWF, the nature conservation organisation, embarked on a special media partnership in 2003.  As a result, the existing environmental show 'Man and Environment' was dubbed 'Living Planet'. The title is used by WWF for its index and periodic reports on the state of the world’s ecosystems and the pressure they are under due to the consumption of natural resources.

The media partnership is a continuation of a loose co-operation between DW-RADIO and WWF, which has resulted in several feature series in recent years, including “WWF Eco-Regions” and „Indigenous Peoples – Partners in Conservation“. The radio programmes have won several awards in the renowned New York International Radio Festival, including the Environment Silver Medal in 2003, the gold in 2001 and a special United Nations gold award in 2001 for "outstanding radio programmes which best exemplify the ideals and goals of the United Nations“.

The co-operation is in line with Deutsche Welle’s aim of promoting sustainable development in its programming, in conjunction with international partners. The international broadcaster carries out international co-productions with partner stations in developing countries with the support of the German Ministry for Economic Co-operation. The English Service also co-operates with the GTZ aid agency, UNESCO and UNICEF on feature series. Other Living Planet partners are the Bonn-based environmental secretariats of UNFCCC, UNCCD and CMS.


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