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A Fun Way to Learn: Learning by Ear - Deutsche Welle's Innovative Educational Programming for Africa and Afghanistan

What are the benefits of a clean environment? How can young people enter the world of business or become entrepreneurs? What career chances are there for youths, for example in Africa or Afghanistan?

Fotografin Farzana Wahidy - LbE Afghanistan - Frequenzen - Mädchen mit Radio am Ohr

Where traditional avenues of education falter, edutainment formats can convey complex matters in ways that are entertaining and easy to understand. Radio dramas are a good example. Especially in regions with sparse television and online access, they can reach a wide target audience.

Join us for a lively on-stage presentation of a typical radio drama and discover the secrets of its success. This multimedia workshop will include acted scenes and interviews. The performance will be followed by a discussion with some of the creators and recipients of “Learning by Ear” programs for Africa and Afghanistan. The workshop will also address the development of edutainment formats for an audience in specific cultural contexts.