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পাঠক ভাবনা

শর্টওয়েভে অনুষ্ঠান বন্ধ হয়ে যাচ্ছে

Seeking personal intervention towards the decision of termination of shortwave broadcasts in Bengali and Hindi by the Radio Deutsche Welle


Respected Sir,

I am constrained to encroach upon your valuable time seeking your benign personal intervention towards the decision of termination of shortwave broadcasts in Bengali and Hindi by the Radio Deautsche Welle on 31 October, 2010.

First of all I would like to write a few words about myself: I live an obscure village named Bomnagar, Antpur-Hooghly in West Bengal, India. I found Radio Deautsche Welle on my short wave radio at the fag-end of 1985 and since then I have been listening to Radio Deautsche Welle -English, Hindi and Bengali everyday. In a word, Radio Deautsche Welle has become a part and parcel of my life for the last 25 years. I have spent 40-springs of my life and I promise I will remain attached to Radio Deautsche Welle till my last breath. To me Radio Deautsche Welle stands for heartbeat of my life. I like most of your programmes .Your different programmes have made me an ardent lover of Radio Deautsche Welle. Each night I feel the pulse of Germany through the waves of Radio Deautsche Welle on my radio.

We, the shortwave listeners, living in rural India as well as Bangladesh also are stunned to learn that Germany’s international broadcaster Radio Deautsche Welle is going to abandon its Bengali, Hindi and Urdu shortwave broadcasts on 31 October, 2010.

We are proud of the Radio Deautsche Welle and its services to the world. Living in mega city you only look at the world through the internet and our Government has also highlighted their achievements in information technology to the world abroad suppressing the voice of the poorest section of our country. If you look at the statistics to the Human Development Index in India then you will surely raise your eyebrows. You may brag of internet facility in India. But the real picture does not reflect the real India as you are looking at us through coloured eye glasses. So still today even in the era of internet we, poor unable to rejoice, embrace our radios in the evening to catch up the current world while broadening our view of Germany.

We have no grudge against those fortunate internet users who use this modern gadget. Even this letter writer himself visits twice a month to the DW webpage for getting a better view of my dreamland Germany spending a lot of time and a huge money from my unemployed pocket as I have no own computer. But this does not mean internet broadcasting should replace DW shortwave broadcasts fore South Asia.

I think Radio DW is not a profitable marketing platform which promotes business only. Many of us Radio DW is an innovative media which has been enhancing the image of Germany through its ether waves. We could hope multilingual information from Germany on a worldwide scale not only through DW-WORLD.DE but also through its traditional shortwave broadcasts. Since 3 May 1953 Deautsche Welle has been commissioned to convey what’s going on in Germany, Europe and around the globe from the heart of Europe for promoting understanding and dialogues to the different cultures and peoples around the world.

We can expect Radio DW will create a renaissance in the field of shortwave broadcasting worldwide. Hope you would be sagacious enough to use your good offices to continue shortwave broadcasts in Bengali, Hindi and Urdu for South Asia for many years to come.

My best regards to you and all the members of Radio DW.

Sincerely yours

Your most loyal listener,

RABISANKAR BOSU,NEW HORIZON RADIO LISTENERS’ CLUB, E-mail: rabisankarbosu@rediffmail.com