Episode 48 – East and West | Radio D Teil 2 | DW | 01.10.2009
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Radio D Teil 2

Episode 48 – East and West

This time in the Radio D studio Paula is looking at German reunification. She has invited several guests to discuss this matter together with her.‎

Paula and two other people in the studio under a sign saying on air

What do Paula's studio guests have to say about East and West Germans?‎

Paula is hosting a discussion on the theme "East and West Germans". She speaks to an east German car mechanic, a psychologist and an economy expert. Her questions to the guests today: are there still prejudices? And what would be a more positive perspective for East and West Germans?‎

The professor also has some complex questions to tackle: he is shedding light on the subjunctive of "haben" and "sein" and the subjunctive construction with the verb form "würde".‎