Episode 34 – Spook in the Beethoven House | Radio D Teil 2 | DW | 01.10.2009
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Radio D Teil 2

Episode 34 – Spook in the Beethoven House

Philipp and Paula want to find out who is playing the piano so beautifully in the Beethoven House each night. In a street cafe they find out some interesting things. Have they got a hot lead or is it just rumors?‎

The reporters from Radio D in a street cafe. Other people in the background.

What do the students know about the strange events?‎

After a short night Paula and Philipp are sitting in a street cafe when they overhear an interesting conversation. Three music students seem to have a suspicion about who the night–time pianist could be. Paula and Philipp learn of an especially gifted and mysterious music student who everyone calls "Beethoven".‎

While Philipp and Paula wonder who the passionate pianist in the Beethoven House is, our professor passionately devotes his time to indirect question phrases without an interrogative.‎

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